Entrepreneurial universities: marrying scholarly research with business acumen

28th February 2017 Staff Reporter 1

What would you think of a university that provides you with world-class education, pays for your internship abroad and, when you graduate, gives you a cool $100,000 to start your own business? By Zipporah Musau Welcome […]

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Four myths that continue to distort policy debate on land in Zimbabwe

11th January 2017 Staff Reporter 0

In 2010 we published the book, Zimbabwe’s Land Reform: Myths and Realities. In the book, we chose 5 recurrent ‘myths’ often relayed about the post-2000 land reform, both in academic and popular commentary. We interrogated […]

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The Political Economy of Agrarian Labour Relations in Zimbabwe after Redistributive Land Reform

25th December 2016 Staff Reporter 0

Abstract: This article examines the reconfiguration of agrarian labour relations in Zimbabwe following extensive land redistribution since 2000. Based on field research, it shows that the new forms of labour utilization that have emerged are […]

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State interference, parapolitics and editorial control: The political economy of ‘Mirrorgate’ in Zimbabwe

24th December 2016 Staff Reporter 1

Abstract: This article explores the events leading to the closure of the Zimbabwe Mirror Newspapers Group (ZMNG) in 2007. It narrates how the state in Zimbabwe, through its intelligence arm, the Central Intelligence Organisation (CIO), covertly […]

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Learning From China’s Foreign Aid Model China’s aid strategy contradicts the Western approach, but is arguably more effective

7th December 2016 Staff Reporter 1

In the 1970s, foreign aid attracted criticism for not promoting sustainable development; the call was for trade not aid. Nearly 50 years on, academic and policy discord continues unabated. For instance, in 2009 Dambisa Moyo, […]

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