Research Papers

Urban growth a boon for Africa’s industrialization

20th May 2017 Staff Reporter 0

There has been much talk about Africa’s urban dividends—the increased prosperity and sustained socioeconomic development resulting from the expansion and industrialization of African cities. By Franck Kuwonu Yet such dividends can be derived only from governments’ […]

Research Papers

Why Africa should go cashless

16th May 2017 Staff Reporter 0

India has lately been pursuing an ambitious goal: a cashless economy. Despite early missteps and frustrations, it will turn out to be a change for the better for the country’s 1.31 billion people. Africa should […]

Research Papers

Improving Financial Inclusion in South Africa

22nd April 2017 Staff Reporter 0

This is our second and final publication on sustainable financial inclusion. In the first, we unveiled a new framework—one that is both comprehensive and practical—to help executives, policymakers, and officials improve financial inclusion. (See How to […]

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