Migration: What if Trump does win?

7th November 2016 Staff Reporter 0

Immigration has dominated the US presidential campaign like never before. Donald Trump’s oft-repeated promise that, if elected, he will build a “big, beautiful” wall at the US-Mexico border helped secure him the Republican nomination and […]


‘Mugabe was given life to live, not rule’

6th November 2016 Staff Reporter 0

National Constitutional Assembly (NCA) leader and constitutional lawyer, Lovemore Madhuku believes the Constitution is the biggest hurdle to electoral reforms. He says his party is growing and will pursue electoral reforms differently from other opposition […]


Making “Made in Africa” last

29th October 2016 Staff Reporter 0

If you’re ever shopping for a pair of jeans in an American mall, check the label. If it was made in, say, Lesotho – a tiny mountainous country surrounded by South Africa, with a population […]

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