Health & Fitness

Is sex good exercise?

16th April 2017 Staff Reporter 0

It’s sweaty, sure. But is a roll in the hay as good as a round in the gym? Sex isn’t only a pleasurable experience, with some reports claiming the act also has health benefits that […]

Health & Fitness

‘When to start taking ARVs’

14th April 2017 Staff Reporter 0

WHEN the HIV virus enters the blood it weakens the immune system by destroying the white blood cells. The white blood cells act as the defence system of one. When the defence suffers an attack […]

Health & Fitness

Government completes CAPS takeover

13th April 2017 Staff Reporter 0

HARARE – Industry minister Mike Bimha says government has completed the takeover of the country’s largest pharmaceutical manufacturer, CAPS Holdings (CAPS), which collapsed five years ago, in a bid to revive its operations. At its […]

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