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Robert Mugabe’s government threatens to fire striking doctors

16th February 2017 Staff Reporter 0

Harare – Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe’s government has threatened to fire striking doctors demanding better salaries and working conditions, as the industrial action spread and entered its second day on Thursday. Information obtained by News24 […]

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Zimbabwe doctors are now on strike

15th February 2017 Staff Reporter 0

HARARE – Zimbabwe’s medical doctors have began their strike over working conditions, remunerations and failure by government to provide a clear way forward to solve their grievances. The Zimbabwe Medical Association twitted using @ZimMedicalAssoc shortly […]

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Male contraceptive gel works in monkeys – but human trials are still way off

7th February 2017 Staff Reporter 0

A male contraceptive gel has been found to be effective in rhesus monkeys, providing long-term and reliable birth control in 16 adult male monkeys. The breakthrough technique involves injecting Vasalgel into the duct which conveys […]

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What is misophonia? Why certain sounds trigger hate feelings deep inside

6th February 2017 Staff Reporter 0

Do certain sounds – like people chewing or breathing – make you intensely angry and full of hate? Then you are probably suffering from a “devastating” condition called misophonia. This condition, which affects so, so […]

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