Health & Fitness

Five myths about mosquitoes and malaria

25th April 2017 Staff Reporter 0

LONDON (Thomson Reuters Foundation) – Nearly half of the world’s population is at risk of malaria, which is caused by parasites transmitted through the bites of infected mosquitoes. Global efforts cut the malaria death toll […]

Health & Fitness

Nurses lose cash to fraudsters

24th April 2017 Staff Reporter 0

Scores of nurses in and around Harare have lost their hard earned cash in the past weeks to fake employment agents after being promised lucrative salaries and other benefits, The Herald has learned. The con […]

Health & Fitness

Is sex good exercise?

16th April 2017 Staff Reporter 0

It’s sweaty, sure. But is a roll in the hay as good as a round in the gym? Sex isn’t only a pleasurable experience, with some reports claiming the act also has health benefits that […]

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