Farming & Enviroment

Kenya declares worsening drought a national disaster

10th February 2017 Staff Reporter 0

Nairobi – Kenya’s government has declared the drought ravaging large parts of the country a national disaster, and President Uhuru Kenyatta is warning food distributors not to take advantage of the crisis to enrich themselves. […]

Farming & Enviroment

How much worse are African droughts because of man-made climate change?

7th February 2017 Staff Reporter 1

The once-fertile fields of South Africa’s Western Cape region are filled with scorched patches of earth, dying plants, and wasted crops. The scene is now common throughout eastern and southern Africa, as droughts for three […]

Farming & Enviroment

From seeds to markets, maize alternatives face challenges in Zimbabwe

1st February 2017 Staff Reporter 1

HARARE, (Reuters) – After years of bad maize harvests as a result of worsening drought, farmer Dorothy Chihota switched a few seasons back to growing sorghum, millet, cowpeas and groundnuts on her 50-acre farm in […]

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