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China’s growth ‘reassuring’ for ‘weak and vulnerable’ global economy: Xinhua

26th December 2016 Staff Reporter 0

China will meet its growth target of 6.5 percent to 7 percent growth this year, a reassuring sign for a “weak and vulnerable” global economy, state news agency Xinhua said in a commentary on Monday. […]

Economic Analysis

Op-Ed: Why bond notes can’t save Zimbabwe – and what ordinary citizens can do

12th December 2016 Staff Reporter 3

The Zimbabwe dollar was abandoned in 2009 after the government ran the printing presses so wildly that the national currency became worthless. The country then adopted the US dollar as its currency. But, as of […]

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The UK’s Economic Spiral Towards Zimbabwean-Style Monetary Policy

9th December 2016 Staff Reporter 0

In Zimbabwe, where worthless $100 trillion (80.36 trillion pound) notes serve as reminders of the perils of hyperinflation, President Robert Mugabe is printing a new currency that jeopardizes not just the economy but his own […]

Economic Analysis

Stagnant economy, yawning deficit keep heat on Zimbabwe’s Mugabe

8th December 2016 Staff Reporter 0

HARARE (Reuters) – Zimbabwe’s economy has stagnated this year while its budget deficit has exploded, the government said on Thursday, adding to President Robert Mugabe’s problems as he faces unprecedented protests over cash shortages and […]

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GDP to grow at 1.7pct in 2017, Chinamasa silent on civil servants’ bonuses

8th December 2016 Staff Reporter 20

HARARE,– Finance minister Patrick Chinamasa on Thursday said Zimbabwe’s economy will grow by 0.6 percent in 2016, half of his previous projection, but is seen rising to 1.7 percent in 2017 backed by better performances […]

Economic Analysis

It’s too late for hand-wringing – globalisation is already dead

3rd December 2016 Staff Reporter 0

The world is getting smaller. That is the unbidden meme of our generation, thanks to the juggernaut of growth unleashed by an outpouring of global bodies, free trade agreements, technology and international capital. Every business […]

Economic Analysis

Waiting for Mugabe’s Exit, Zimbabweans Endure Shattered Economy

2nd December 2016 Staff Reporter 1

Edgar Garwe sits repairing mobile phones behind the counter of his tumble-down stall, worrying about a scarcity of customers and how he’ll pay his two children’s school fees. by Michael Cohen “We’re just waiting,” Garwe, 31, […]

Economic Analysis

Demand for bond note sores as people stampede to grab the new money

1st December 2016 Staff Reporter 0

HARARE – In an unexpected development, Zimbabweans are stampeding to their banks in large numbers to withdraw the newly-introduced bond notes. By Gift Phiri For the third day running yesterday, stressed banks battled to cope […]

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