Economic Analysis

Crisis and the meaning of money

23rd November 2016 Staff Reporter 0

Robert Mugabe Junior has the word “melanin” in his Instagram biography. I discovered this when I went to his profile, a little indulgence I allow myself every few weeks to see just how well the […]

Economic Analysis

Why Zimbabwe is still not competitive

11th November 2016 Staff Reporter 1

THE Zimbabwean Government has for years been trying to come up with ways to improve the country’s competitiveness on the global market.While progress has been made, analysts say the country still has a long way […]

Economic Analysis

Can the rand rescue Zimbabwe’s economy?

11th November 2016 Staff Reporter 0

FORMER Finance Minister Tendai Biti sits in his office in a leafy Harare suburb, contemplating another collapse of the Zimbabwean economy. Thanks to a chronic shortage of United States (US) dollars, the country is running […]

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