Woman sleeps with cellphone in panties to keep it from nosy husband

6th February 2017 Staff Reporter 12

FORGET passwords and patterns, a Bulawayo woman sleeps with her cellphone well placed in her panties to keep her “private” messages and calls from her nosy husband. Elizabeth Musoni resorted to sleeping with her mobile […]


9 ridiculously easy relationship hacks to be a better partner

30th January 2017 Staff Reporter 0

Dr. Karl Pillemer, author and internationally renowned gerontologist, did extensive research on the success of long-married people. (According to Wikipedia gerontology is “the study of the social, psychological, cognitive and biological aspects of aging.”) Then […]


A Beautiful Love Story Between a Zimbabwean Woman and Chinese Man From the Countryside

16th January 2017 Staff Reporter 65

Despite glaring differences in their cultures, an African woman and a Chinese man managed to fight for their love and tie the knot before their families. It’s one of those romantic stories we all craved […]

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