Mugabe: Liberation hero turned despot

19th December 2016 Staff Reporter 1

On Saturday, his ruling Zanu-PF party endorsed the 92-year-old leader as its candidate for the 2018 presidential election, bringing him closer to achieving his wish. From crushing political dissent to ushering in disastrous land reforms […]


The Disintegration of Zanu PF

22nd November 2016 Staff Reporter 1

Events are moving fast in Zimbabwe. The economy is close to shut down – traffic levels have declined and shortages of key products such as fuel are appearing despite every effort by the State. By […]


Trump, Putin and a nervous NATO

14th November 2016 Staff Reporter 1

As Donald Trump takes up residence in the White House next January, one of the most powerful NATO forces in years will be preparing to move into Eastern Europe. The Alliance is sending four armored […]


The East-West: World divide over gay rights

7th November 2016 Staff Reporter 6

In that part of our world called “western” – more a political than a geographical expression – discrimination against lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) communities is declining. Liberal democratic states are recognizing the right […]

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