Mbeki desperate to remain relevant

24th June 2017 Staff Reporter 0

When we all thought that Thabo Mbeki, the former President of South Africa who was consigned to the dust bins of history, had settled in his new territory, he has reappeared, spewing his characteristic garbage. […]


Inside Trump’s Middle East mess

15th June 2017 Staff Reporter 0

President Donald Trump’s attempt to bring peace and stability to the Middle East has backfired. He has put a major U.S. ally, Qatar, in a geopolitical crisis and damaged his cabinet’s efforts to calm regional […]


Africa’s stake in Brexit

12th June 2017 Staff Reporter 0

As Britain focuses on what its relationship with the European Union might look like once it leaves the bloc, sometime during 2019, the rest of the world is already girding for the post-Brexit era. For […]

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