Banking & Finance

Zimbabweans Anxiously Await Bond Notes

15th November 2016 Staff Reporter 103

HARARE — Zimbabwe’s central bank won’t say exactly when its controversial new bond notes will go into circulation this month, but the prospect has left many Zimbabweans worried. A protest is planned for later this week. […]

Banking & Finance

‘Bond notes will save US dollars’

13th November 2016 Staff Reporter 34

Zimbabwe is losing billions of US dollars through activities like externalisation, and introduction of bond notes will ensure the country has a medium of exchange that guards against practices that cause cash shortages. Reserve Bank […]

Banking & Finance

‘Reject bond notes’

8th November 2016 Staff Reporter 73

Harare – The People’s Democratic Party (PDP) on Wednesday called on Zimbabwe’s security sector workers to reject salaries in the form of bond notes. Bond notes are being introduced by the central bank amid a […]

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