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Published On: Mon, Aug 22nd, 2016

Young Bulawayo author promotes her children’s book

Bulawayo based author, Mattie Hudson, has penned a book for kids titled ‘Simba’s journey home’.

By Grant Moyo

The book was edited by Phathisa Nyathi in 2015 and published by Amagugu Publishers.

Mattie Hudson said the book is about Simba, a boy who gets to share his candy bars with his friends and people he meets along the way.

“ Simba depicts the importance of sharing, helping those in need and that patience pays. The story is concluded by the theme of love which can be highlighted when Simba’s parents buy him candy”, Mattie said.

Mattie Hudson's book Simbas's Journey PHOTO: Mattie Hudson

Mattie Hudson’s book Simbas’s Journey Home PHOTO: Mattie Hudson

The soft spoken 23 year old author said she is proud to have managed to write her book in three languages: English, Ndebele and Shona.

She is set to write in Kalanga so as to accommodate readers from most parts of Zimbabwe.

“I wrote this book because I want to endorse African literacy to the young ones and letting them appreciate and relate to African characters from the stories I write” she said.

Mattie did the illustrations of the characters in the book on her own proving that besides being an author she is a talented artist.

Her illustrations consist of the main character Simba, an elderly, Mr Gumbo, and his friends, Greedy Joe and Sweet Sally.

“I always loved drawing out characters that come from my own thoughts and imaginations and it can be seen through my illustrations in the book”, she said. – Zimbo Jam