MUST READ: Shocking Story behind the teargassed Kombi

Posted by MProfita Mustafa Chikavhu via facebook…

Have you seen the Kombi teargassed video. .???.. Well let me tell you the story.

My wife went to town early in the morning to do some errands and got caught up in the violence which led her to taking hostage in joina…being an Australian resident this was a whole new expirience for her and she was terrified to death… who wouldnt be… when teargass was being fired even at 8yr olds who cant even spell Tajamuka…..

I later decided to get into town to pick her as I couldnt bear her messages anymo…… so I go to joina… collect her and went to rezende where my friend’s private kombi was parked…. we stayed in the kombi for abt 3hrs in fear….. then came anti riot around 4 and started beating up innocent people who were taking kombis to MT Pleasent….. we were 6 in the kombi and decided to lock the doors but they wouldn’t have that .. they broke the windows and before they could get in we drove off… how my friend managed to manoeuvre his way out of rezende street blocked by the police lorry and banana trolleys. ….next thing I remember was “makandwa teargass” and the car turned white.the teargas was thrown right on my wife’s back.. look at the pics u will see how it burnt the seat covers and thats the furthest I will go…. we all couldnt breath. … I had no access to the windows as they did not break the ones I could use..luckily our wives had access at the back… losing breath and seeing Paul at the pearly gates kkkkkk if u look closely when that kombi turns into leopold. .. there is a guy with a black shirt who jumped out from the driver’s window… that was MC Mustafa….. I broke my arm and damaged my mouth and teeth…. as soon as I landed I ran to a safe place and called my wife and thank God she was ok….all I can say is there us a God in heaven…. when I landed the back wheel missed me by centimeters. … I still couldn’t breath… but Mwari anenharo mhani……What crime had we commited… we will never know

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